Salonga-Lukenie-Sankuru Landscape Project

Summary: Salonga

INCEF's project in the Salonga-Lukenie-Sankuru landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and Pact-Congo, is well underway.

INCEF's Kinshasa, DRC-based production team made extensive research trips at the start to the Lokolama zone and the Monkoto corridor of the landscape and returned a couple of months later for its initial production trips.

A clear indication of the merits of the INCEF approach was demonstrated during the research expeditions by the attendance, night after night, of every person in each village we visited for the screenings of the "Tous Pour le Conservation" film package. Children were quoting key messages of the films for days after and the expectations of the villagers for the films now being produced, which will feature people and stories from their own communities, are highly charged.

As the challenging issues - which range from food security to land rights to climate change - become increasingly important, the INCEF films will be poised to play a critical role in the drive for solutions that are appropriate, comprehensive and effective.

The final number and nature of the productions will take shape, of course, during the editing process but the community discussions during the research period led to a prospective slate of about fifteen films dealing with a range of subjects:
• The state of food insecurity due to poaching, bushmeat hunting, ineffective agriculture and unsustainable fishing and hunting practices
• Issues of land tenure, management and the role of Salonga National Park affecting both conservation and development practices and both Bantu and indigenous populations
• Health crises due to diseases such as Monkeypox and the need to engage in preventative practices

INCEF envisions having a professional media production capability in place in all of the regions it serves. INCEF's availability to document recent Monkeypox outbreaks was of very real value to the directly-impacted communities and, just as much, to the Centers for Disease Control, whose initiative on pox viruses in Congo has already made extensive use of INCEF materials for both grassroots level public awareness and for professional health care training. The CDC highly regards the productions that would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to produce without its partnership with INCEF.